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Empty bottles everywhere,
I was dancing in the kitchen
Lights flicker on the pioneer
We race to the tube
A train with no view
Encased in space,
We surface to embrace the waste of Waterloo
(Ignite me)
In the queue,
A sea of high heels and iPhones
Pushing to the front
Moths to the blue light
Midnight, feels like butterflies tryna be free
Let me see your ID
I need something to ignite me
Ignite me x2
I was floating round like a cigarette rolling over
Dance floors black rooms long queues in the cold
And whatever happens,
Wherever this may go
We're staying out til the sunrise, the sunrise
I'm inside
Soles of my shoes are sticky, sweaty, breathy
All of life is here
In the bathroom queue my phones on 2%
A text saying "already went"
Boys in groups & girls in hoops
Made for each other
But I'm just tryna drown them out -
Answer your phone and tell your girlfriend you're coming home
(Strobe lights, wide eyes)
I heard about a third room
So I'm following smoke
I'm out with this bloke
And there's this door
And I ask him what it's for and he’s like
"You're too fragile, too naive,
You must not see"
But I need something to ignite me
Ignite me x2
Chorus x3


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