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peermusic congratulates the Guild of Music Supervisors on the "Outstanding Music Supervision" category and nominations at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards

peermusic congratulates the Guild of Music Supervisors on the newest Emmy category, "Outstanding Music Supervision", and this year's nominees. We're very proud to work with such esteemed colleagues everyday, and happy to see their efforts and key role in the creative process finally be recognized ...

The Emoji Movie tv spot featuring "5 4 3 2 1 Let's Go"

The latest TV spot for the The Emoji Movie features peermusic's "5 4 3 2 1 Let's Go" by Anna Mae. This is the second peermusic copyright to be featured in promos for the film! Check out the ad below.

Johnny Manuel goes viral with his cover of "I Have Nothing" on America's Got Talent

Johnny Manuel became an overnight sensation after his performance of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" (Co-Written by David Foster) on this week's America's Got Talent. Johnny's performance went viral trending on twitter and gaining nearly 2 million views on youtube in 24 hours. Check out ...

Pitch Perfect 3 trailer featuring "It's A Good Day To Save The World" by Danger Twins

peermusic artist Danger Twins was recently featured in the latest trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 with their song "It's A Good Day To Save The World". Check out the trailer below.

"Bemba Colora" featured in NBC's World Of Dance

NBC's reality competition series World Of Dance featured peermusic's "Bemba Colora" as performed by Celia Cruz. The dance group Swing Latino take to the stage for night 3 of World of Dance's Qualifiers. Check out the video below.

peermusic wins "Best Use Of Licensed Pre-Existing Song" at the AMP (Association of Music Producers) Awards.

peermusic was honored last night at the AMP (Association of Music Producers) Awards ceremony with the "Best Use Of Licensed Pre-existing Song" in Apple's Dive commercial. The ad features "La Virgen De La Macarena" written by Bernardo Bautista Monterde and Antonio Ortiz Calero. Check out the ...

The Emoji Movie trailer featuring "Gotta Be Yourself (Mama Always Said)"

“Gotta Be Yourself (Mama Always Said)” co-written by Andrew Bissell and performed by the Danger Twins is featured in the trailer for the upcoming Sony Pictures Animation film The Emoji Movie. The trailer dropped May 16, 2017. Check it out below.

All Or Nothing Season 2 trailer featuring "Love Of Tha Game" by 7KingZ

The trailer for the latest season of Amazon' and NFL Film's All Or Nothing - following the Los Angeles Rams this time around - features peermusic's "Love Of Tha Game" by 7KingZ. Check out the trailer below.
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